This version of our Privacy Policy was last updated on 26 September 2021.

This privacy policy applies to the asset and fund management services provided to UK clients of abrdn plc subsidiaries, as well as the discretionary management services provided by abrdn Capital and its subsidiaries.

This Privacy Policy also applies to the investment trusts and funds managed by abrdn plc subsidiaries, unless the documents connected with your investment in a particular investment trust or fund state otherwise.

abrdn plc and its subsidiaries take privacy seriously and is committed to safeguarding any personal information shared. As a consumer of one or more of abrdn plc’s products or services you can be assured that personal information will only be collected and used where it is necessary, fair and lawful to do so to provide you with the agreed product or service and in line with applicable privacy & data protection laws.

Our Privacy Policy contains important information about what personal details we collect; what we do with that information; who we may share it with and why; and your choices and rights when it comes to the personal information you have given us.

We keep our Privacy Policy under regular review. We may need to make changes to this Privacy Policy so please check our website for updates from time to time. If there are important changes such as changes to where your personal information will be processed; we will contact you to let you know.

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